Dyspraxia Kids Summer Fun Pack


Beat summer boredom with the digital 48-page PDF summer fun pack designed specifically for kids with dyspraxia.

It will entertain, boost their self-confidence, build on the skills that dyspraxics often find difficult, and will make them see dyspraxia as a positive in their lives instead of a negative. (Scroll down for a full description)

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*Please note this is a download PDF file that you can easily print from home. You won’t be shipped a physical product*



The Dyspraxia Kids Summer Fun Pack is a 48-page PDF designed especially for kids with dyspraxia. It’s designed to beat summer boredom, add fun, and help your kids with the kind of skills that are sometimes difficult for dyspraxics. Everything that they learn is very much through play and fun, it’s not scholarly, so it won’t feel like school work.

The contents of the pack are:

  • Search and colour
  • Tricks and tips for awesome colouring in
  • Summer jokes
  • Games such as Match the Lollies, Pair the Ice Creams, Get Packing, Memory Game
  • Tou-Can Do it! Tropical dot-to-dot
  • Super Slurpy Summer Straws – decorations to make
  • Happy News – short news stories with a positive message
  • Create your own rainbow village (relates to one of the news stories)
  • Bullet journal pages – great for self-organisation and getting creative
    – Explanation of what a bullet journal is and two-weeks of pages to get them started
    – travel checklist
    – places I’ve visited
    – Be a food critic
    – Books I’ve read
    – Water tracker
    – Films I’ve watched
  • Handwriting pages that don’t feel like handwriting practice
    – I am Unstoppable poster (dots)
    – Give the ice cream sprinkles (lines)
    – Draw the missing melon pips (curve, squished Os)
    – Something’s fishy (curves and circles)
    – Make the beach more tropical (curves and zig-zags)
    – Design your own surfboard (bringing together all the above)
  • Famous people with dyspraxia
    – short bios of six globally recognised celebrities with dyspraxia
    – accompanying inspiring quote posters for their bedroom wall
    – related activity for each celebrity as follows:
  • Affirmation bands to cut and stick, great for boosting confidence
  • 3 summer science experiments
  • Ice cream drip monsters
  • Positive quote poster to colour in
  • Summer photo challenges with photography tips

There are tips in most of the games to help them, so they can try and work it out themselves and build up their skills.

The kind of areas/skills that are covered are:

  • Fine motor skills (scissor skills, handwriting, drawing, colouring)
  • Memory
  • Visual scanning
  • Self-confidence
  • Allowing them to unleash their creativity in lots of ways
  • Observation
  • Basic numeracy (counting, no complicated maths)
  • Positivity
  • Self-organisation

*Please note this is a download PDF file that you can easily print from home. You won’t be shipped a physical product*

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